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Ventrilo Status

Server IP:    diabloexpressions.typefrag.com

Port:    3784
Password:    thelordofflies

The Ventrilo server is to give the community a place to come together. A place to come play  Diablo 3 with friends & family. A place to discuss updates and news events.

  • I am to make the Ventrilo more than just a way to communicate, but a way to bring players together in unique ways.
  • I aim to get special guests to come on and answer the community's questions in a town hall fashion.
  • I also aim to expand the purpose of a vent to cross site communication for projects, or if you need a place to communicate for your Diablo III project.
  • With dueling (and soon to follow PvP) an easy way to help aid in and create one official place for tournaments.

Running a Clan/Guild?

I can setup a few channels with a password for you and your members to use free of charge. All I ask in return is a thank you, and treat other members on the Ventrilo with respect. A shoutout in videos you may make helps too : D

Need a place to collaborate on ideas/projects?

I can give you a special channel with a password for your group to have a constant place for communication.

Just a small group looking for a good Vent?

As stated above, I can give you a special channel with a password.

Thinking of running a tournament, but need a large Ventrilo to host?

I can help you setup channels for your tournament with passwords, structure, and if needed aid in running it. I won't charge for it, but some "props" would be in order.  I have 300 slots, let me help you use them!

If you want to talk, or set something up:

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

PM on Forums: drjdredscythe


For your knowledge, please refer to our following for more information:

Ventrilo Rules and Use

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